“My unlimited love of the kitchen, served in my own private culinary living room”

Chef Yaron Shalev

Toto’s main chef is the owner and the creative hand behind Toto’s magic.

Born and raised in Jerusalem, the talented Shalev has been considered a brilliant influence to the Israeli Culinary Society.

Shalev learned from working at the kitchens of Chef Ezra Kedem, Shalom Kadush and Raffi Cohen. Shalev also broadened his culinary expertise by working at the Jean Pierre Navigation Michelin restaurants.

In 2006, Shalev was chosen as the head chef of Toto restaurant and with this opportunity he would “burst into the Tel Aviv luxury culinary scene.”

For Shalev, Toto is home; it is his private culinary living room.

Toto’s guests are provided with an exciting and entertaining journey not only with its delightful menu but also by the atmosphere, the music, and the beautiful art and design throughout the entire restaurant.

From Passion to Creation

Foie Gras from Périgord, Burgundy truffles, Sicily’s tomatoes, and fresh Mediterranean red mullet are all examples of our kitchen’s rare ingredients and seasonal flavours.

Shalev’s distinctive idea of combining East and West gastronomy is brilliantly presented all together on one plate.

Toto gives its guests a fresh and lavish experience of hospitality & cuisine by presenting unparalleled dishes, exceptional cocktails and a meticulously chosen wine selection.